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Change for our future generations starts with us.


We are passionate about liberating the whole presence of individuals, organizations, and societies to optimize the emergent unfolding of human consciousness and to take inspired action for the equitable and joyful co-existence with all creation and future generations.



As a mother of an inspiring 6 year old daughter, Motherhood has awakened in me a reverence and vigilance for my own evolution. I know that I'll never be able to tell her what to do to "do better" than me. If I'm stressed out or being a perfectionist, she will learn that mistakes and imperfection are not acceptable; if I'm not making time for self-care, she will become an adult who will not prioritize her own wellbeing. It may seem like small actions, and these are the moments that can shape the future of our children. Further, much of these ways of being were created from my own insecurities, my own limiting beliefs, and my own childhood trauma.


Children are in theta brain waves until they reach the age of 7 or 8, meaning they are absorbing all of our unconscious and conscious behaviors. I want what my daughter absorbs to be a way that will help build a healthy foundation to honor the beautiful person that she is and growing into. 

Building a level of self-awareness that it takes to choose to parent consciously is no easy task. It takes responsibility, humility, and support.  I have been fortunate to learn from amazing teachers, connect with enriching friendships, and develop a way of deepening my wholeness. Building friendships and collaboration with Carmen and Sarah has only given deeper meaning and understanding to the importance of our conscious choice to role model for our children. Having this mindset has radically shifted my "ideas" of parenting, and it is my hope that sharing this perspective makes deep ripples in our societies and collectives, to raise healthy future generations. 

We hope you enjoy our resources, classes, and offerings. We aspire to radically shift the pardigm of parenting and the perspectives we collective share on nurturing our children and the responsibility we have as cultivators in our future generations. 



Jenn Reilly

Founder of Raising Wholeness



"There is not greater challenge and gift to our children and the world then to come to know our own wholeness, face our shadows, and consciously participate in our own evolution."  

Jenn Reilly

Founder, Wholeness and Embodiment Coach, Program Facilitator and Coordinator


Jenn Reilly is a wholeness coach, workshop facilitator and mother of an inspiring tiny buddha. By weaving in her own experiences as a mother, working with the divine feminine and masculine, shadow work, mystical practices, ancient wisdom, and organizational consulting, Jenn creates frameworks and workshops to help support restoring wholeness and shifting the paradigm of raising future generations.  Jenn is deeply passionate about all means of supporting individual and collective awakening and wholeness. In addition she curates healing communities and movements that are creating a way of being in the world. She also works as a coach, and community organizer for her other projects Emerging Being, a community and ecosystem of people playing in emergence, the founder of the Mystics Rising a podcast and community honoring the rising spiritual renaissance, and an associate coach and facilitator for Bridge Partnerships


"Behavior is a form of communication. When we open to this perspective we can understand and meet our child where they are at."  

Sarah Hesketh MS, CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist, Program Facilitator


Sarah is an ASHA certified Speech Language Pathologist. She has many years of experience working with children of all ages and learning differences. Sarah uses a whole child approach to therapy to support all areas of development. She enjoys getting to the root cause of issues and loves to support the needs of each individual child and family. Areas of interest include speech sound/motor, speech disorders, social learning and executive functioning skill development. Sarah has lived in NH all her life. She enjoys camping, walking in the woods, meditating, and spending time with her husband, two children, and two dogs.


"When we overprotect our children we rob them of the gift of discovery,  and the foundations for self-regulation."

Carmen LaMonica MS, OT

Occupational Therapist, Program Facilitator


Carmen is an occupational therapist with over 25 years of experience.  Most of those working in the public schools in northern Illinois.  In 2018, she trained to be a licensed TimberNook provider and runs play based nature camps for children ages 4-12.  In 2020, she completed the TimberNook trainer program and enjoys working with schools helping them understand the benefits of outdoor play for everyone.  Carmen has a passion for the outdoors and the development of the whole person.  


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