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LAUNCHES:  Sept 18th

LIVE Q&A: Sept 25th @9PM ET

COST $49.99 (free for members)

Help your munchkins navigate school life with more grace while also supporting their development! 

Who is this program for?

Parents looking to...

  • Help their child be in the best state to learn and grow this school year (and in life)   

  • Have specific ways to support their child through school year challenges

  • Better understand how to support their child's developmental needs

  • Find more community and support with other like-minded parents

  • Just be a better parent  

What You'll Learn

  • Support the whole child through the lens of regulation and development

  • Help your child be in optimal space to absorb/learn information

  • How to support your child navigating challenging friendships/bullies

  • Illuminate myths/expectations that are not actually serving your child and what is the appropriate developmental expectation

  • How to help your child with "hard" school work/task

  • Ways to be more mindful of how your role modeling can help them develop

  • Specific practices to support yourself and your child 

  • And More 


What to Expect?

  • (5) short (5-10 mins) video teachings (on demand// watch at your own pace - materials live Sept. 18th)

  • (1) 90 mins Live Q&A Sept 25 @9PM ET- ask any question you want about how to best support your child  

  • Q&A Recording - if you have to check out early, miss any part or can't make it you'll get access to the recording to watch at your convenience.

  • Downloadable Guide 


Meet the facilitators

Jenn Reilly

Parenting and Leadership Coach and Facilitator


Jenn Reilly is a mother, parenting and leadership development coach, facilitator, podcast host, artist, nature lover, and founder of Raising Wholeness. She works with parents, aspiring parents, teachers, and caregivers to break generational cycles and transform their relationship to raising children. Raising Wholeness supports and resources cycle breaker with community and educational programing on regulation, trauma, executive functioning, vertical development, and healthy masculine and feminine.


In addition she is podcast host to Mystics Rising, and leadership development coach and associate with Bridge Partnerships.  By weaving in her own experiences working with vertical development, emergence, mindfulness, divine feminine and masculine, shadow work, leadership development, Jenn brings her passions to life to help restore and celebrate wholeness. 

Carmen LaMonica OTRR/L

Occupational Therapist, Program Facilitator


Carmen is a parent, occupational therapist, and TimberNook provider with over 25 years of experience working with kids of all ages.  Most of those working in the public schools in northern Illinois.  In 2018, she trained to be a licensed TimberNook provider and runs play based nature camps for children ages 4-12.  In 2020, she completed the TimberNook trainer program and enjoys working with schools helping them understand the benefits of outdoor play for everyone.  Carmen has a passion for the outdoors and the development of the whole person.  

Sign up Today

We never turn anyone away for lack of funds - if you are interested in taking the class and don't have the funds currently available contact us!



If you have any questions - feel free to schedule a free exploratory call here.

I can't make the Live call should I still sign up?

Sure! If it feels rights- there will be a recording and a downloadable guide. So even if you can't make it, you can leave questions in the chat and we can answer them on the recording. 

When is the class happening?

Course Materials will be available:  Sept 18th - these will be on-demand / self paced videos 


Live Q&A will be  Sept 25th @9PM ET

I have more questions, can I connect with you?

Please! Here's a link to Jenn's calendar please feel free to schedule a time to connect and we are happy to discuss any questions, concerns, etc. 

If you have any questions - feel free to schedule a free exploratory call here 

Do you offer any scholarships?

You bet! We always sponsor at least 2-3 participants. If you are in need feel free to apply here. 

Would this be a good fit for me if my child has a disability?

Yes! We help you to understand the developmental stages so that you can meet your child where they are at and support their continued growth and development while also noticing and healing what comes up for you through this process. 

What about Refunds?

We do not offer refunds at this time. 

How much time will this take?

2.5 hours total:

  • 60 mins of video teachings - you can watch whenever you want

  • 90 mins of live Q&A. 

Can my spouse come?

Yes! We encourage both parents to take the course. They are welcome to join any of the calls and we encourage you to watch the videos together and do the exercises.

Let us know if you have any question. 

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