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Welcome to the 



A community dedicated to supporting cycle breaking parents.


Self-Development for Parenting

Equipping parents with community, resources, Q&A support, and practices to help break generational cycles and nurture their own development.

The best way to support their children's development is by supporting themselves.



Join a community of parents (and aspiring parents) who care about self development and are supporting each other to break cycles. 

Get help  illuminating collective shadows together. 

Our global community is helping each other to see patterns, limiting beliefs, and traumas that are playing out in our parenting. We are supporting this illumination with:

  • Free class on building a process to start breaking cycles

  • Monthly Wholeness Practices

  • Resources: books, articles, and podcasts

  • Global Like hearted community

  • Chat - where other parents share, celebrate and ask questions  and get answers about challenges in their parenting



Equipping cycle breakers with practices to start make changes today.

Discounts on Additional Workshops + Group Coaching:

  • Master Classes on Conscious Parenting

  • Practice Groups 

  • Group Coaching


What People Are Saying

"This support of the community has been powerful."

"Raising wholeness calls are a solace for my parenting. I can bring my challenges and am met without judgement, with lots of reassurance and support that helps me see the issue in a whole new light. Attending the calls helps me every time!"

"Raising Wholeness has been a much needed support mechanism as my wife and I navigate the challenges of raising two small boys under the age of 2. To know that we're not alone in our struggles with thinking through how to parent in a holistic, non-trauma creating way has been a huge benefit for us, with the aim of supporting our sons' development into strong, emotionally healthy, human beings."

"I'm able to get advice and tips that apply to my specific struggles and I've also gained valuable insight from listening to the journeys of other parents in the group.  I'm able to unpack my parenting struggles in a non-judgemental space and get support as well as feedback, something that I've been craving on my parenting journey. "

Who is this for?

For parents who want to always be supporting and creating practices that support them to be at their best, breaking cycles, and/or find community and resources to help catalyze their journey. 

  • Parents - looking to break generational cycles and be more present, conscious, intentional with their raising children

  • Aspiring/New Parents - You. don't need to have kids to join. Anyone looking to be more prepared for parenthood and start to unpack their family stories prior to having kids.   

  • Single parents - who are looking for community and reflection in their parenting journey

  • Teachers -  who want to support the whole child

  • CoachesCaregivers, Influencers

  • Extended Family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends)


Join today!




Join Today!

Get access to our 

- Free Class on Breaking Cycles

- Monthly Practices

- Books/ Podcasts/ Articles

-Global Community of Cycle Breakers


First week is on me! Free trail when you join our membership for practices and resources. 

Membership sign up


If you have any questions - feel free to schedule a free exploratory call here.

Does it cost anything?

It is our goal to get this information out to as many people as possible. The general membership is free. 


Inside we do offer master classes and practice groups as an upcharge.


If you are well resourced, please consider contributing more to support others at lower levels.  We are working to create a scholarship fund - learn more here

I have more questions, can I connect with you?

Please! Here's a link to Jenn's calendar please feel free to schedule a time to connect and we are happy to discuss any questions, concerns, etc. 

If you have any questions - feel free to schedule a free exploratory call here 

What if I'm not a parent yet?

Ask any parent - and they will say how they wish they had started doing. this work sooner. 


Consider this your invitation to come and learn from active conscious parents. We welcome all those looking to break. cycles. 

What is the vision? 

We have a big vision that all children are raised in wholeness. We know this will need a lot of support for all our parents, teachers, and caregivers.


We aim to create content that helps all caregivers step into this way of child raising.

We are also building teacher training course, consulting with schools, and working on creating an in-person facility for training. 


 If you are interested in investing/supporting this mission reach out or donate.

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