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Wholeness Parenting




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Self development for Parents

What are all the 

What to Expect:

In this group container we will weave a collective field to support our nervous systems to repair and remember our wholeness, supporting each other to descend, transcend, and rise rooted in our best mama-selves.


  • Wholeness Group Coaching lead by Jenn Reilly

  • Group coaching  includes shadow work, principles of masculine + feminine and verticle development. 

  • Introduction to shadow work

  • Ongoing Chat Forum for support between calls

  • Somatic Exercises

  • (6) Weekly 90min Sessions

  • Sessions will provide time for checking in and for all members to share what is coming up for them

  • Not mandatory to "participate", just listening and observing can be deeply transformational  

  • Of course kids are welcomed - we are all mamas. Just showing up is the most important - and if you can carve this time out to be just for you I would invite you to see what is possible to make this happen

Jenn Reilly
Wholeness + Shadow Coach

Hi, I'm Jenn Reilly, I'm a coach to parents, women, and leaders., a mom, a podcast host, an artist, and an avid hiker.  When I became a mother, I had no help, no guidance, and no clue of what an important role motherhood would be in catalyzing my own awakening. It completely broke me open in at time not the most graceful of ways, and became my inspiration to to explore what it means to nurture a human, and I began my journey of learning to tend to my own wholeness.


The past 6 years, I have been supporting client to break generational cycles through shadow work, somatic practices, cultivating healthy masculine & feminine and ultimately helping them develop the self awareness and process for nurturing and tending to our wholeness.  Through online group coaching, in person workshops and 1:1 Mentorships - I help my clients relearn what it means to be a connected, embodied, and present.

Motherhood Initiation

Stepping into motherhood, require us to shed all the ways of being that no longer serve us and reorganize and rewire our whole nervous system.


You are literally not the same person you were before.

  • We need support to identify old stories and beliefs that are getting in the way from thriving in all our relationships.

  • We need support to break generational cycles that become our default parenting  when we are tired and under resourced.

  • We need support to step into being a more conscious parent and just don't know where to start

  • We need support to build practices to support our own inner journey of wholeness

  • We need support to reclaim our identity as mother and powerful creator as we calibrate into motherhood

  • We need support.


Motherhood initiation is our most plastic, vulnerable, and potent opportunity to rewire. 


The easefulness in motherhood is found in the embodiment of our feminine design and ability to tend our own wholeness. 


Collectively Composting Shadows of the Feminine

When we have been nurtured in our fullness, we arrive at motherhood with the embodiment of unconditional love and the feminine principles. What I am witnessing more and more, is that many women are unable to relax into their feminine design, usually due to  the stories they have absorbed from previous generations, culture, influencers, etc. and/or have created based of their own experiences of not having these parts nourished along the way. 

In the Motherhood + Wholeness Sessions - we focus on a particular principle and spend 6 weeks on a transformational journey to illuminate and composts as much as we can and build awareness and practices to embody this principle with more ease and grace. 


Motherhood + Wholeness
Group Coaching 

6 Calls | 6 Weeks

Composting Stories of Motherhood

 - Live Transformational Cohort for Mothers - 

Meeting weekly 


All calls are via Zoom and 90 mins long

Session Dates:  Mid July - Aug 2024

Do not need any prior knowledge of shadow work to join
just interest and open minded. 




Thanks for joining

Have questions/needs? Or interested in exploring other pricing options?   Email me and let's chat :-) 

I am always looking to support people where I can.
To apply for sponsor//scholarships email me about what your participation will provide you.

shadow call


"Wow! Jenn attracted and curated such an incredible group of women and mothers who could show up with the reality of how motherhood can sometimes show up (in shadow), to bring those aspects into incredible wholeness. I so appreciate the connection to every sister who participated. In the weeks following the potent 6 weeks together, I could see beautiful integration of so many threads. Jenn is an incredible facilitator full of grace and flexibility which allowed us to arrive just as we were (with all the dynamic nature that nourishing little's can entail- aka sometimes busy or seemingly chaotic schedules) so we could all drink from a well of love to compost and grow our experiences.


Jenn is a beautiful, nurturing presence that holds a field of grace and enoughness. I appreciate her attention, her centered heart and skill with shadow work. Thank you, Jenn!"

I've gained valuable insight from listening to the journeys of other parents

I'm able to get advice and tips that apply to my specific struggles and I've also gained valuable insight from listening to the journeys of other parents in the group.  I'm able to unpack my parenting struggles in a non-judgemental space and get support as well as feedback, something that I've been craving on my parenting journey. "


What's it like to do Shadow Work

Ever notice a pattern ... ahhh I can't believe I'm here again!
Like... snap at your child and say something that your mom said to you as child?
... or completely freeze up when someone ask you what you need and you have no idea? 
... And no matter how much someone tell you to try something new, it just doesn't seem to stick. 

These triggers and behaviors are usually hardwired in our system. We could say we are acting from our shadow, an aspect of ourself that we may not be fully  not conscious / aware  to why or even what we are doing  

These triggers are clues that an aspect of our self that really just needs our attention. Our shadows are often forged through moments in our childhood, where the stress of an event, shame, or judgement creates some kind of strategy to protect us, help in a way that just doesn't work for us as adults any more. 

In our sessions, we turn our triggers into gateways to help us evolve and grow. 


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