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RAISING Wholeness
Changing the way we see and nurture our human-ness.

If you are looking to
get to the root cause of your self-talk, break cycles, live more in alignment with your design, and nurture your capacity for love, presence, and embodiment, you are in the right place. 


We all have programing that we've absorbed//created that prevents us from living in our natural design. It shows up as negative self-talk, judgement, shame, self- sabotaging behavior, limiting belief, etc.

Rewiring, repairing and restoring these parts is the path of wholeness essential to living our most fulfilled and satiated lives. It creates a model a new way forward for our future generations.


Using  various practices of wholeness, I help clients unpack their childhood wounds, heal and repair stages of development,  build healthy relationship with the divine masculine and feminine and live into their wholeness through coaching, community, and programs.    


Hi, I'm Jenn Reilly



I'm a mother, podcast host, leadership development facilitator, consciousness explorer, and wholeness coach. I create deep ,safe, nurturing containers to foster transformation.  


I help my clients to use their triggers as gateway to navigate the subconscious mind, unpacking the childhood wounds, and heal parts of their past that has blocked them from knowing and living in their wholeness. 


Becoming a mother has been the calling to dive deep into my own development, breaking cycles, healing generational trauma, healing my relationship with the masculine and feminine, and relearning what it means to be a connected, embodied, and present parent to raise my mini mystic! 




"For me, having Jenn as my coach has been life changing. I knew it was what I was looking for but honestly... I had no idea how much it would benefit me."

I offer coaching, resources and programs to support those on their wholeness journey.


Women are biologically different from men, in away that is deeply informed by their hormonal journey.

I help women and mothers build practices to compost, rewire and restore their feminine wholeness so they can move from their greatest capacity of love, embodiment, presence.  


Every parent wants to do the best they can to support their child to blossom. 

This starts with helping parents embody the change:  unpacking their childhood, working with triggers, reparenting themselves, and understanding childhood development cognitively, emotionally, physically, and hormonally.  

Resources + Community 

Looking to learn more about wholeness and how to support your own practices?

Check out resources, where I share podcasts, ebooks, and community to support everyone their journey. 



"Jenn Reilly is pure magic... Jenn helped me navigate parenting through divorce, breaking patterns, and finding myself along the way."


Let's Explore Together 


Feminine Wholeness

Deepening into our wholeness, is a whole body, mind, heart, and soul approach. It is about working through, and building the capacity to be with whatever is coming up in our lives and attuning to what most needs// is ready to be healed in the moment. It is about meeting you where you are at and  diving deep. This is not talk therapy - I use a skillful approach that actually helps you rewire the subconscious. It comes with homework // invitations to practice and ongoing support to help you build awareness and live more embodied and present. 


In our container we'll work on: 

  • REGULATION: Regulation is our ability to maintain and re-estabilsh balance of our cognitive, emotional, and physical states. It is an indicator that we are feeling safe in our body and have access to our whole brain /being versus being in flight or flight / survival mode where much of our capacity is shut down, and we are dysregulated. Regulation is required to support deep inner work.

  • CONNECTION TO THE BODY: We need to be connected with the wisdom of our body. The body is our tuning fork to the moment // presence

  • BEFRIENDING OUR TRIGGERS: Triggers are the gateway to spaces (parts from your childhood / shadow)  that want to be healed. 

  • UNPACKING CHILDHOOD WOUNDS:  Parents create the blueprint in which we are relating to the masculine and feminine, to love, attachment, etc. This will become our default parenting style and how we communicate in relationships. It is baked into our nervous systems and takes self awareness, patience, and practice to change. 

  • BUILDING HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH THE MASCULINE + FEMININE: Mas/Fem principles are so messed up in our society/culture today. These are universal principles are essential for us to come into wholeness and know/experience and live unconditional love and build healthy relationship. Also essential for parents to role model for their children.

  • FILLING OUT STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT: if you are familiar with vertical // integral // childhood // feminine // masculine development  - we all go through stages. Each stage builds the foundations for the next. If we have wounds or underdeveloped areas we can crash back - I help my clients go back and repair and fill out these spaces to support the living in their fullness. 


What's it like to work with a wholeness Coach? 

Listen to my Podcast


Check out my podcast, Mystics Rising, where I explore wholeness. 

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