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De-conditioning all the things we've absorbed along the way to live into our true essence. 

They say the medicine is in the wound, and that is certainly true for my case. My work is the distillation of my experience and my journey of wholeness, and uncovering, composting all the ways I that have been in resistance to myself, my true essence, the potential I could feel underneath, and even my capacity for receiving love and joy.  Most importantly how becoming a mother became the catalyst for weaving and living from my most authentic self. 


Jenn Reilly 


I'm Jenn Reilly, Wholeness Coach to parents, leaders, and women, I'm here to change the way we see and nurture our wholeness. 

I have always been on spiritual // self development path and being a mother has been deeply catalyzing to my evolution, calling me forward to care for and take deep responsibility for my own healing, as well as expand my capacity to love, to feel love, and give love - I can't express how lucky I am to love her.  

Also being a single mother - navigating all the wounds of this fallen relationship, and the wisdom it has taught me, and the journey of supporting my daughter as a single parent. 

These experiences have lead me to explore my human-ness, my own development, breaking cycles, healing generational trauma, healing my relationship with the masculine and feminine and relearning what it means to be a connected, embodied, and present human. 

Now this has informed how I support leaders, parents, and women in developing their own authority/process for nurturing their own wholeness. I feel deeply called to helping those on their inward journey  rise rooted in their wholeness. 

And I am doing this by sharing my  insights with people through my podcast, Mystics Rising , where I explore wholeness both my own insights as well as sharing the wisdom of practitioners I've come across on my path as well as my transformational work here at Raising Wholeness. 

Outside of Raising Wholeness transformation work you can find me supporting Bridge Partnerships with Leadership Development Coaching and Facilitation,  painting, exploring deep in the woods, dipping my toes in the ocean, caring for our beloved bunny, Steven Adorable Nacho (full name), on a Mother Daughter adventure, or working on our Campervan Van, Barb.  

What Other are Saying 

Jenn brings a very unique and powerful gift to supporting parents and families. I have been super impressed with her approach and ability to hold space for change. My experience working with her has focused on identifying things within me that limit my capacity to be fully present and attuned to my deepest self and  children. During a big family transition I was seeking extra support and specialized guidance and feel fortunate to have crossed paths with Jenn. After working with some of the most influential practitioners for myself and children I believe she has found her calling in this world impacting how we raise our children in wholeness and love by ultimately reparenting ourselves first. 



"Wow! Jenn attracted and curated such an incredible group of women and mothers who could show up with the reality of how motherhood can sometimes show up (in shadow), to bring those aspects into incredible wholeness. I so appreciate the connection to every sister who participated. In the weeks following the potent 6 weeks together, I could see beautiful integration of so many threads. Jenn is an incredible facilitator full of grace and flexibility which allowed us to arrive just as we were (with all the dynamic nature that nourishing little's can entail- aka sometimes busy or seemingly chaotic schedules) so we could all drink from a well of love to compost and grow our experiences.


MOTHER - From the Motherhood + Wholeness Groups

"For me, having Jenn as my coach has been life changingFrom our introductory call over 6 months ago where she shared how we would work together and the work she does. I knew it was what I was looking for but honestly... I had no idea how much it would benefit me and I truly believe it is benefiting those relationships around me. Her approach, style, observations, invitations, questions has changed who I am, how I journey through my day to day thoughts, my parenting and even my career. I am very much looking forward to our continued work together."

"Jenn Reilly is pure magic. Our 90-minute session flew by; it felt like a long overdue chat between old, dear friends. Jenn helped me navigate parenting through divorce, breaking patterns, and finding myself along the way. Jenn is someone I look forward to working with again and again. She truly listens to understand and knows how to have the hard, necessary conversations. I feel completely supported and much more at peace. Thank you so much, Jenn!

Wholeness Practices

  • Journeys // Guided Mediations

  • Shadow Work

  • Parts Work

  • Feminine Embodiment

  • Leadership Development

  • Childhood Development

  • Integral Development

  • Trauma-informed 

  • Reiki II Certified

  • Ancestral Healing

  • DivinationTarot/Runes

  • Mediation

  • Mindfulness

  • Breath work

  • Wild Wisdom

Certifications // Trainings // Aprenticeships

  • Adaptive Leadership (with Zander Grashow NPI 2019)

  • Member of Rising Practitioners (2020- present)

  • Shadow into the Soul | Illuminating Your Highest Potential (Certification with Stages International | 2020)

  • Shadow Patterns | Evolution of Shadow Resolution (Certification with Stages International | 2020)

  • Shadow Craft | Dancing with Demons (Certification with Stages International | 2020)

  • Shadow Mastermind Group (year long program with Stages International | 2021)

  • Transformational Leadership Path (2020 and 2021 with Karl Steyart)

  • Feminine Embodiment (6 month program with John Wineland | 2022

  • Holotropic Breathwork, Psychedelic Integration, and Transpersonal Psychology (with Stan Grof Legacy Project 2021-2022)

  • Yoga Lap Breathwork Certification (2022)

  • Mentorship with Michelle MacEwan Celtic  Shaman // Spiritual Guide (2021-2022) 

  • Leadership Development Training with Bridge Partnerships | 2022

Nurturing Wholeness
in all aspects of life.

I have a saying - do what you can when you can. I aim to embody my own work and nurture wholeness in myself and others along the way when I can.  Here's a little glimpse into the wholeness of my life from facilitating women's groups, leadership development workshops, online classes, community to momming, creating art, traveling and just living my own wholeness journey.

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