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Free Breakthrough Call 

FREE 60 min coaching session


Coaching women coming into and deepening in motherhood who are ready to expand their capacity for love, embodiment, and presence. 

Jenn Reilly
Wholeness Coach

 Becoming a mother has been the calling to dive deep into my own development, breaking cycles, healing generational trauma, healing my relationship with the masculine and feminine and relearning what it means to be a connected, embodied, and present parent to raise my mini mystic!


What is Feminine Wholeness? 

Each initiation, informs the next stage. Going back through the stages and healing any wounding, limiting beliefs, and righting our relationships with the divine masculine and feminine are essential for us to come into our full expression. 


Coming into our fullest expression and the mature feminine essence starts in childhood, and we get naturally initiated into the next stage biologically, wether we are "ready" or not. Most women today lack elders, and feminine mentors to guide them through these transitions, where our whole nervous system gets rewired. 

Who is this for...

Women who want to heal, repair, and rewire all the spaces that keep them from embodying feminine wholeness.

Who are choosing not to bare children and are ready to heal/repair in order to step into a more mature expression.


Women who want to heal core wounds, start to embody their feminine wisdom and be supported while coming into motherhood . 


Who may have lost themselves in the process of becoming a mother or want to mother like a queen and are ready to compost core wounds. 

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