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Women's Hike | Cacao + Shadow Work + Hiking

Wow, it's been a winter. Lots and lots of composting, moving through lot of layers around community, support, and the vulnerability of asking for the fullness of my needs. I don't know how most of you are, but often I'll ask for the tip of the iceberg of what I think I need, hiding behind the fears of "needing too much" or not being able to reciprocate. So many stories. This winter I finally fell into the depth of my yearning for support. Having been single mothering for 5 years, it all caught up with me, and finally allowed myself to feel how much "help" I actually need. And it is way WAY more than I have been advocating for. I need every day. And I'm so thankful for all the shadow work I've done over the years to finally feel and ask and accept support from my family... I'll have to share more in an upcoming podcast.


A lot of this came to light in my last Shadow + Motherhood Cohort. 6 Weeks / 6 Calls with amazing mothers from around the US all interested in shadow work, and composting the stories around living more in alignment with the feminine design meant to support us in our motherhood journey. This container proved to be truly transformational.


I realize there is just so much in the collective consciousness that we all share around these stories that are impacting us all. Being in connection helps us illuminate parts of us that are lying in the shadows waiting to be revealed and healed. Additionally, the field we weave collectively supports our nervous systems to go deeper than we can on our own.


I'm feeling called to support more women and especially mothers to compost these stories and build more practices that help them move from // mother with more grace, love, and joy.


This month I'll be trying out my first in-person women's hike. I have had the pleasure of hiking the white mountains with good friend and collaborator Carmen LaMonica. Each time we hit the trail we set intentions and the challenges on our physical body help reveal stories ripe for composting - it's like wringing the blockages out of my body. And it's amazing how much the body can hold. It once took all 9 miles to emerge all the stories we had around insecurities. We are ready to share this transformational experience with others - on March 30th we'll be dedicating the hike to composting stories around Receiving. We'd love to see you there - Hike Sign Up Details Here

 Women's Hike | MT Anna, Gilford NH

March 30th | 7:30AM

Cacao + Shadow Work + Hiking


There's more and that feels good to share for now. Thanks for all your support along the journey.



Sending love,




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