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1:1 Mentorship for Women



Learn how to tend to your own wholeness.
I help women compost ways of being that aren't serving them and build practices to move grounded in their inner wisdom and expand their capacities of love, embodiment, and presence.  

Mentorship Intentions:

This  container is dedicated to helping your unpack, compost and integrate your wholeness at various stages of feminine development. Yes, our biological hormonal journey helps shape wholeness in way that is different than men. Through this journey, I help mentor you to create a foundation of wholeness that you can  ground into and draw upon throughout life. 

  • Regulation//introspection//somatic awareness 

  • Your birth story + imprinting 

  • Healing the divine masculine // father wounds

  • Healing with the divine feminine // mother wounds 

  • Integrating Maidenhood // Composting shadows of feminine principles (i.e. essential skills for motherhood) 


Hi, I'm Jenn Reilly



I support women who  are ready for the next phase of their life, where they want to navigate life grounded in their inner knowing.  Whether that is navigating their career, preparing  for motherhood, finding your bearings in postpartum or looking to deepen your inner work in motherhood -  I help women root into their bodies, build trust with their intuition, and develop practices that support them to navigate it all with more awareness, clarity. and grace all while healing self-sabotaging stories and negative self-talk along the way.  


Who is this for...

Women seeking matruation, who want to learn the art of tending and mending all the spaces that keep them from embodying feminine wholeness.

I help women lead from their feminine.

Women who are in leadership roles, or own their own busienss and want to lead from their feminine. We compost all the areas where they are resistent to their feminine essence, and build practices that they can lean on to be more grounded in their inner knowing. 

I help women prepare for motherhood.
Women who want to enter motherhood with the skills to support presence, and the yearning to unpack childhood imprinting and default parenting styles, and start to hone in  and embody their feminine wisdom and be supported while coming into motherhood . 

I help mothers attune to themselves and their children.  
Women who might have lost themselves in the process of becoming a mother, who want to still have childhood wounds to heal and unpack, and don't have a lot of "free time" and want to efficiently go are ready for inner healing.

You don't have to figure out
how to be a bad@ss mama 

Let's make progress together. 


  • Identify practices that to support connection, presence and embodiment

  • Unpack any self-talk or patterns that are showing up

  • Start creating practice for being with our triggers 

  • Build process for identifying your self talk

  • Identify and break generational cycles

  • Develop self awareness

  • Work through challenges you are experiencing with your child

  • Apply all the knowledge from our knowledge from all our courses to help you build developmental awareness to support your relationship with your child

  • Develop a holistic approach to maintaining, and supporting your wholeness baseline



  • First Month initiation - Meet 1x week 

  • After that meet for 90 min Biweekly coaching sessions to work on shadows + practices to support your mystic momma path

  • WhatsApp Support - leave voice memos and ask questions for on-demand support (at least within hrs) 

What we'll work on together

Build Regulation Baseline

Regulation is the foundation for our well being - we'll work on a custom plan to maintain your  baseline and build awareness of when you are dysregulated.

Disassociation to Connection

So many women experience overwhelm as normal.  They are disconnect from their bodies, and of course we do this, and when this becomes our default it impacts the quality of our life our ability to set boundaries, and disconnects us from our intuition  - we'll work together to re-establish that connection, build somatic awareness, build interception skills so you are drawing upon the wisdom of your body//intution. 

Befriending our Shadows

Our shadow/ childhood traumas that pop up are trying to tell us something! When we approach them with compassion and curiosity we open for deep healing and get the opportunity to change old patterns that have been holding us back and rewire to create a new future. We will work together to identify these aspects of ourselves and heal them. 

Build a process to manage triggers

Relationships (especially with our children) will illuminate so many of the unhealed aspects of ourselves, triggering that negative self talk. We will build a process that is unique and works for you to help you manage outbursts so you are not projecting them on your loved ones. 

Tending Feminine Essence

Get your spark back. It's so common in out society, and especially in motherhood that we step into overly masculine energy, taking care of all the details, child care, and hyper independence, that we don't even think to prioritize or include ways for us to relax and enjoy our feminine essence. I will. help you build practices and heal any negative self talk that is in the way from you radiating in your feminine energy.

Building Right Relationship with  Divine Mas/Fem

Building a relationship with the beloved father - this work starts in the composting, when we re-parent our younger parts with unconditional love (i.e. the Beloved Father, and the Holy Mother).

What my clients are saying

Having Jenn as my coach has been life changing!

"For me, having Jenn as my coach has been life changing. From our introductory call over 6 months ago where she shared how we would work together and the work she does. I knew it was what I was looking for but honestly... I had no idea how much it would benefit me and I truly believe it is benefiting those relationships around me. Her approach, style, observations, invitations, questions has changed who I am, how I journey through my day to day thoughts, my parenting and even my career. I am very much looking forward to our continued work together."


"Jenn Reilly is pure magic. Our 90-minute session flew by; it felt like a long overdue chat between old, dear friends. Jenn helped me navigate parenting through divorce, breaking patterns, and finding myself along the way. Jenn is someone I look forward to working with again and again. She truly listens to understand and knows how to have the hard, necessary conversations. I feel completely supported and much more at peace. Thank you so much, Jenn!”


I was able to unlock long-held blocks

“Jenn is a powerful and dynamic coach and facilitator. Working together, I was able to unlock long-held blocks and move into a new level of my creativity and wholeness in the world. With her deep knowledge of human development phases, intuitive gifts and powerful follow up exercises, I have rediscovered and reclaimed aspects of myself that have long felt missing. If you desire a caring and creative coach to help you unlock the keys to your own essence, creativity or business idea, I highly recommend working with Jenn Reilly!"  


"Jenn brings a very unique and powerful gift to supporting parents and families. I have been super impressed with her approach and ability to hold space for change. My experience working with her has focused on identifying things within me that limit my capacity to be fully present and attuned to my deepest self and  children. During a big family transition I was seeking extra support and specialized guidance and feel fortunate to have crossed paths with Jenn. After working with some of the most influential practitioners for myself and children I believe she has found her calling in this world impacting how we raise our children in wholeness and love by ultimately reparenting ourselves first. ”


"I feel 5 million times more self aware, more mature, and more prepared for motherhood."


You are ready to...

...Be the creative, intentional, intuitive, connected, clear, (insert vision here)  woman you always saw yourself being

....Have a deep knowing and grounding in your own ability to navigate the unknown (in career, relationships, parenting challenges, etc)
...know the voice of your intuition and how you best hear her

.... Be your most radiant self and feel really good about the decisions you are making your in life
...Step more fully into embodying your feminine energy to be able to give from a deeper connection and abundance

Ready to liberate your inner wisdom?



Click the link below to set up your call with Jenn now, where we'll feel into whether this is a good fit for you now. 

Hailey and Jenn Reilly dance break.jpeg

Integrating Maidenhood Composting Shadows and  Consciously Living into our Feminine Design

What I am witnessing more and more, is that many women are unable to relax into their feminine design, usually due to  the stories they have absorbed from previous generations, culture, influencers, etc. and/or have created based of their own experiences of not having these parts nourished along the way. 


We have lost the art of being guided into maidenhood a time when we are meant to explore the world of our feminine essence and how to tend to ourselves. These skills become essential to supporting our feminine leadership at work or in the home.


And we are just in a time where a lot of these ways that are in alignment with our biology, our natural design have been clouded with shadow//shame in light of equality//feminism// toxic patriarchy.


Every woman who heals herself and restores her design is role modeling and illuminating the way for others. And when we have been nurtured in our fullness, we arrive at feminine maturation that supports our careers, relationships, and motherhood with the embodiment of unconditional love.

In my mentorship we will work through these shadows together. 


You don't have to figure out
how to be a bad@ss mama alone. 

Let's make progress together. 


  • Managing your Regulation 

  • Build interception and somatic awareness skills 

  • Identify practices that to support connection, presence and embodiment

  • Build process for identifying your self talk

  • Identify and break generational cycles

  • Develop self awareness

  • Unpack any self-talk or patterns that are showing up

  • Start creating practice for being with our triggers 

  • Work through challenges you are experiencing in relationships

  • Develop a holistic approach to maintaining, and supporting your wholeness baseline

  • Create a space to capture any creative // entrepreneurial ideas that are also being birthed through you

  • For mothers - postpartum coaching and support navigating childhood development



  • Unlimited Sessions We will meet as many times as needed that supports you to move through the work and also supports your regulation. Typically  that looks like: 

    • Initiation Phase - Usually Meet 1x week  for first 6 weeks to establish regulation baseline and develop shadow practice

    • After that typically we  meet for 90 min Biweekly coaching sessions to work on shadows + practices to support your mystic mama path

    • And if we go deep into a session and need more time - we schedule it ASAP so we don't leave open wounds unattended to. 

  • Unlimited Voice Memo Support:

    • Because the real transformation happens during real life circumstances and where you are practicing 

    • Leave voice memos and ask questions for on-demand support (at least within 48 hrs) 

  • Work Book

    • Get exclusive content reserved for my mentorship ​

    • Life time access to return to and support your ongoing practice. 

    • Reflection of your process


Yes I'm ready! 




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