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Wholeness Resources

Equipping self-healers to break cycles and build their own practices of wholeness. 

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Parenthood Development Self-Assessment


Not sure where to get started? - take my parenthood self-assessment to get a reflection of all the areas of self-development that will serve parents and aspiring parents on their journey into parenthood. 


Mystics Rising


A podcast where I explore wholeness with other healers and practitioners.  

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A Vision of Feminine Wholeness eBook


In this ebook, we share the stages in feminine development in their fullness and tips and prompts to start supporting your own feminine journey. 

Courses + eBooks For Sale

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Parenting with Wholeness Guide


This workbook is my ultimate guide for parents on a spiritual pathway. This book covers all the major areas of self development for parenting in an easily digestible format with lots of practices and journalling prompts  along the way for those who are ready to make changes. Includes the regulation guide. 

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Regulation Guide + Workbook


Regulation is the foundation for inner work, parenting, and navigating our human experience. In this guide, I make regulation super easy to understand, and give journalling prompts to help compost any blockages and practices to help you make expand your regulation awareness and practices.  


Wholeness Parenting

$7.99/mo - First Month Free

In my online community I share monthly personal practices and resources to help parents cultivate their own practices and build self-awareness. Additional parents ask questions on how to step into parenting as a spiritual pathway and raise kids in wholeness


Parenting with Wholeness


The foundations of parenting//raising tiny humans that I wish all parents knew. 

This online course has been modified from a few online cohorts where we cover regulation, trauma + triggers, and executive functioning. 


Check out upcoming live cohorts, workshops, and events. 

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