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A Vision of 
Feminine Wholeness


I co-created /sourced this wisdom with my good friend Kassandra Angus at H.E.R (Housing Earth Rhythms).


We both share a vision, an aspiration for all women to to know, be held and raised in our wholeness. And women expereince a different journey due to the impacts of estrogen at feminine initations. 


In this ebook, we share this vision as part of the natural continuum of feminine development // the natural rhythm that our biology urges us through with each initiation. We distill wisdom from many lineages, stages of consciousness development, feminine embodiment, feminine initiations, and other sacred practices. 


Our intention is share, awaken, and inspire women everywhere to know their wholeness, and to know no matter the ruptures along the way, they may tend to their own  wholeness.

Learn about the stages of feminine development


Understand the impact of nurturing wholeness at each stage


Get a practice to start repairing any ruptures

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