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Cultivating Healthy Masculine & Feminine with the Mother's and Fathers of At Acton Academy Kennebunkport

Role modeling is the way for parenting with wholeness. And cultivating healthy masculine and feminine for me is such a huge part of healing work we can do to help our children navigate their life. The impacts of patriarchy have left unhealthy stories that live largely unconsciously in all of us. Brining these into awareness is massive step forward.

I work with so many women (mostly mothers and women in leadership), who share common shadows.

  • Longing to show up more lovingly for yourself & your children

  • Disconnected from your body, sense of play, joy or creativity

  • Feeling trapped in loops of people pleasing

  • Apathetic or feeling lost to who you are

  • Feeling shame for needing//asking for help

  • Needing to be small or not rock the boat

  • and so much more

For so many of us - this is "normal." I'm here to say it is not normal. Resting in alignment with your cycle is normal, needing help and asking for it often is normal, giving yourself regular space and time to feel your feelings is normal, feeling so safe in your body that radiate is normal.

I'm here to help reset the new normal. I am so excited to be doing so in partnership with Microschools like Acton Academy Kennebunkport. I'm co-hosting a free event for mothers and fathers on modeling healthy masculine and feminine for their parents and the greater community.


At this event, I will be hosting a women's circle for mothers where we will explore the principles of the mature healthy feminine and how embodying our feminine essence can deeply support our motherhood journey.


We will also traverse the common blockers//shadows that are we have created, inherited, and/or absorbed from our culture.

Together we will Illuminate these stories in us so that we can better support each other to restore our vibrancy and show up as our best mama selves.


While I am hosting this women's circle, there will be a separate circle for fathers hosted by one of Acton's new guides, Chris Nastasi who is also an Apogee coach for men.


I would love to see you there! I'm so excited to apart of this event supporting mothers and fathers to role model healthy masculine and feminine.


If you know of anyone in the area who this would resonate with, please feel free to share and invite others (flyer below).


FREE Mens Group + Womens Group

Monday, Jan. 22nd | 5:30-7PM

At Acton Academy in downtown Kennebunk

This a live event and is open to all parents


Sending love,



If you have any questions about this event or other events - feel free to reach out to me directly


For those of you interested to learn more about Acton Academy Kennebunkport is an alternative school that supports child-led education, and provides a whole day of outdoor time every week amongst other progressive programming. I am so appreciative of programs like this that are exploring the frontiers of education.

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