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Self Assessment



I created this list as a self-development overview that I hope becomes a normalized for all parents and aspiring parents. This assessment  is the result of 10 years of research, trainings, and experience both my own and coaching with parents.


I truly believe that every one of the areas mentioned in this assessment is essential to understand both how to support ourselves and to Raise our Children in Wholeness. 


Parenting is a spiritual pathways that catalyzes our evolutions, if we are open to it. 


This assessment is an introduction, a high level view to expand our perspective on how we look at parenting and a few tips to help those interested to get started. Of course if you have any questions, reach out. If this resonates and you found value - please share and help me normalize this awareness in the field fo parenting. 

Learn essential areas to develop yourself as a parent


Get a guidance on where to start / deepen your self development journey 


Get resources and tips for supporting your child. 
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Our well being will impact our children's lives forever. Nurturing our self-development is an essential part of our parenting journey. 

Parenting is about Role Modeling our Human-ness // our Wholeness.

In a world where we spend countless hours researching the type of stroller, filling out the baby registry, or making sure we are up to date will the latest milestone check list - we are sorely missing the keys to preparing for parenthood. I know underneath researching the “right kind of diaper” is a parent who wants to “do their best,” to support their child in the best ways possible. Becoming a parent is so beyond comprehension, that most us rely on the things that are tangible - getting the “right stuff,” our experience as children, and the milestone checklists. And there’s more to it. Ask any parent, they will tell you how little they used the things on their registry.

The key to parenting is our ability to nurture our own humanity, it’s about our being and navigating the human experience (emotions, conflicts, communication, challenges etc.), This focus on the external is the leading parents to burnout and overwhelm, because parenting requires us to go inward.

Who is this for...

Fo anyone who aspires to break cycles and role model a new path for our future generations. 




Download the self assessment now.


Hi, I'm Jenn Reilly



I help  women and mothers who feel burnt out, dehydrated, heal their wounds,  unpack their childhood, and building practices that help them embody their feminine essence.  

In my journey helping women, and my own journey, I have come across so many amazing resources, take countless classes and trainings and I LOVE distilling them into digestible workbooks. 

Sending love,



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