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Self Assessment



Parenting is a spiritual pathways that catalyzes our evolution, if we are open to it.  I created this assessment to help parents get started or deepen their inner practice,  expand perspectives on how we look at parenting and our wholeness//human-ness, provide some direction to help those interested to get started, and hopefully normalize Parenthood Development (i.e. self-development practices for parents - think leadership development).


This assessment  is the result of 10 years of research, trainings, and experience both my own as a parent and coaching with parents.


I truly believe that every one of the areas mentioned in this assessment is essential to understand both how to support ourselves and to Raise our Children in Wholeness. 


Of course if you have any questions, reach out. If this resonates and you found value - please share and help me normalize this awareness in the field of parenting. 

Learn essential areas to develop yourself as a parent


Get a guidance on where to start / deepen your self development journey 


Get resources and tips for supporting your child. 
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Join my list and download the Free Self-Assessment for developing yourself as a parent. 

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