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Upcoming Parenting Course | Foundations of Wholeness Parenting

Join Our Upcoming Program 


Learn about how you can transform your parenting journey with more embodied understanding how to support the foundations of our child's development through regulation, trauma, and executive functioning.

Who is this class for?  


Anyone who wants to support children's fullest development, or wants support to shift old/outdated ways of parenting .

  • Parents - looking for support to break generational cycles, be more present with their child(ren) and support their child's fullest potential.

  • Aspiring/New Parents - looking to be more prepared for parenthood and want to shift their family dynamic

  • Teachers -  who want to. support the whole child

  • Caregivers, nannies

  • Extended Family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends)

About the Program

5 Modules Released (Bi-Weekly)

5 Lives Calls (Bi-Weekly)

Access to Child/Parenting Experts

Ongoing Support Chat

Cohort Buddy



Course Topics

  • WELCOME TO WHOLENESS: Introduction and invitation to practice being a more conscious parent

  • CO-REGULATION:  Understanding the the importance of role modeling a healthy nervous system and how to build more awareness for your child's regulatory needs. 

  • TRAUMA AWARENESS Understanding Trauma, how it impacts us as caregivers, and how to elevate potential trauma patterns in the child, building trigger awareness, and how to support yourself

  • EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING:  The building blocks of our ability to process and develop. Introduction to human development and importance of understanding executive functioning.

  • PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER:  Embodiment practice to deepen the awareness of the first 3 modules.



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