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Regulation Guide

Regulation is the foundation for our inner work. If we are in a constant state of dysregulation, we can’t access the part of brain that we need to do deep inner work // process trauma // heal generational wounds. This is usually one of the first subjects I work on with my clients to ensure that we have a safe container to do inner work together.


This is a great place to get started on supporting yourself or to shift the dynamic in your family. Regulation is the also the key to our children developing and thriving.

Easy to read // digest // learn about Regulation and Somatic Awareness


Understand major impacts of regluation and how to support yourself


Get actionable steps to start making changes today 



20 page guide to help self healers get an understanding of regulation and how to get started.



  • About regulation

  • What impacts regulation 

  • Common Myths

  • Regulation Baseline + Adaptability

  • Co-Regulation

  • Imprinting

  • Exercises + Journalling prompts


Our nervous system health becomes the foundation for our inner work, well being, and ultimately, our ability to show up as our whole self.

Who is this for...

I created this book to help anyone who is looking for steps to support their self development journey or is new to the concept of regulation.


This eBook will help you understand the importance of somatic awareness and regulation with easily digestible format and steps to take. The exercises are designed to help you  identify what is not working, compost the old patterns that are not longer serving your, and help you breath life into a new way of being.


  Our somatic awareness offers such a rich set of information that can help us navigate leadership, parenthood, decision making, and any unknown space in our life.

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Buy the guide today. 


Hi, I'm Jenn Reilly



In my journey helping women, parents and leaders, and my own personal journey with regulation, I have learned so much! It is truly a practice to keep coming back to and has created so much support for me and my clients to heal generational wounds and begin creating a life they love. 


In the years of practice I have found a lot of practices that support my clients and I LOVE distilling them into digestible workbooks.  I hope this eBook supports your journey.

Sending love,



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