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Wholeness Coaching

Shadow Work + Vertical Development + Mas/Fem


I help my clients reveal, rewire, and remember their true essence. 

I help people to start using their triggers as gateways to healing  negative self talk, limiting beliefs, and self sabotaging behavior with shadow work and wholeness coaching 

Jenn Reilly
Wholeness Coach

I dive deep into my own development, breaking cycles, healing generational trauma, healing my relationship with the masculine and feminine and relearning what it means to be a connected, embodied, and present parent to raise my mini mystic!

Jenn brings a very unique and powerful gift to supporting parents and families. I have been super impressed with her approach and ability to hold space for change. My experience working with her has focused on identifying things within me that limit my capacity to be fully present and attuned to my deepest self and  children. During a big family transition I was seeking extra support and specialized guidance and feel fortunate to have crossed paths with Jenn. After working with some of the most influential practitioners for myself and children I believe she has found her calling in this world impacting how we raise our children in wholeness and love by ultimately reparenting ourselves first. 


Cari W.

RN,  Single mom of 3

Monthly Coaching Plans

Looking for ongoing shadow work support? Sign up for a monthly plan to work on any ongoing shadow issues.


All monthly clients receive ongoing voice memo + text support to help with day to day shadow, triggers, and questions  as they come up. I love walking with my clients on their wholeness journey - and the truth is that transformation doesn't just happen in our sessions but when you are out in the world, faced with decision that is hard to make.  Additionally monthly clients get discounts off programs

Book your free discovery call and let's explore where to get started, what practices can support your journey or what other pricing option might work for you. 

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